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CCC "Rally in The Valley Youth Powwow" Set For March 31

March 8, 2012

Coffeyville Community College (CCC) will sponsor a youth competition and intertribal powwow, the “Rally in the Valley”, on Saturday March 31.  The head staff includes Master of Ceremonies, Titus Frenchman; Head Singer, Joe Deerinwater; Head Man, Kenny Brown; Head Lady, Debra Canard; Head Boy, Blue River Haase; Head Girl, Kele Jane Haase; and Arena Director, Chris Jones.

Titus Frenchman has sat with the center drum at many dances, danced with the Black Wolf gourd society, and served as the Master of Ceremonies in Calif., Arizona, Washington, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas. Most recently he was asked to be the MC at a benefit gourd dance for all Veteran's currently serving today.

“All songs have power. This was taught to me by my family. I was raised to respect the singers and dancers and my elders,” said Frenchman.

“I was raised by my parents, (Adam & Lillian Frenchman) and my grandmother, (Ollie Beaver Anderson). My grandmother was fluent in our language and many linguists would come to record her.  She would tell stories her mother had told her about our people years and years ago.  She was born in Indian territory (Oklahoma) close to 1889 and listed her age at ninety-three before passing on in 1981.  My grandfather, (George Tom Anderson) was the nephew of John Wilson.  They both were instrumental in teaching and conducting the peyote way in and around Oklahoma. Some of the tribe's they visited were the Miami, Quapaw, Osage, and Pawnee people.  My mother grew up sitting behind her father in the peyote meetings sipping peyote tea.”

Frenchman is a member of the Black Wolf gourd society of the San Francisco Bay Area that was formed in the seventies during the radical days in the Bay Area.  He served in the US Navy on board a guided missile destroyer and worked on the electronic equipment associated with the Tartar missile system.  In four years he made two trips to Vietnam, 1966-1970.  He graduated from the University of California at Davis with a bachelor degree in Applied Behavioral Science and a qualified for a minor in Native American Studies.  He is currently the President of the Council of Lenape Elders in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Joe Deerinwater is a member of the Cherokee and Creek Tribes and is currently residing in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Joel has been singing for over 20 years. He began singing with the Drum Busters in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  Joel has been head singer throughout Oklahoma on a number of occasions throughout his life. Because of his ability to sing, it has taken him many places to surrounding states and throughout the United States.  Joe likes to sing and is still learning new songs as he goes. Joe is a very proud gourd dancer as well.  He has been dancing for many years.  He is a member of the Kiowa Tia-Piah Society in Carnegie, Oklahoma.

Debra Canard or Debra “Stand-and-Looks-Back” resides in Claremore, Okla. with her son, Winter Hawk. Debra is of the Delaware and Shawnee Tribes. Her traditional Shawnee name is “Nesha-pe-we-ce”, meaning Two Horses.  Debra has been traditionally dancing since she was a small child. Debra enjoys traveling to Canada, making traditional clothing, beading, going to powwows and stomp dances. Debra has competed in contests in the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Canada. Debra has served on the Northeastern Oklahoma Native American Association (NONAA) Powwow Committee for several years as the President and Vice-President, for the Claremore Powwow.

Blue River Haase is the son of Jimmy and Jessie Haase of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He is 11 years old and attends sixth grade at Madison Middle School. He plays drums in the school band and football for the Bruins. He is a member of the Operation Eagle Indian Education Program and the New Hope Indian Church.

Kele Jane Haase is the daughter of Jimmy and Jessie Haase of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  She is eight years old and attends second grade at Hoover Elementary. She is a member of the Operation Eagle Indian Education Program and the New Hope Indian Church. She is very active in ballet and soccer. She has danced with the Bartlesville Civic Ballet the past four years in their productions of "The Nutcracker" and "Tarzan."

Chris Jones is Euchee and a citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma. He was born and raised in Coffeyville, Kansas, but currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with wife Rhoda Little Eagle.  He is the son of Dixie Jones and the grandson of the late Sharon and Jesse “Chief” Jones formerly of Coffeyville.  He enjoys singing and dancing Northern Traditional at powwows and also enjoys stomp dancing and belongs to the Euchee Polecat Ceremonial Grounds near Kellyville, Oklahoma.

Doors open to the public at noon. The event will be held in the Nellis Hall West Gym on the CCC main campus. The Field Kindley High School Native American club will present a stickball demonstration at 12:15 p.m. The youth competition Grand Entry will begin at 1 p.m.  During the youth competition, students from various schools will compete individually and as a team.   At 4:30 p.m., a hand drum competition will be held with a $250 cash prize.  The Lenape Gourd Clan will host the gourd dance at approximately 6:00 p.m. followed by the adult grand entry.  There will be men’s and women’s special contests. Concessions will be available throughout the powwow.

For vendor or contest information, please contact the Native American Leadership Coach at CCC, Taylor Davis at 620-251-7700, ext. 2092 or at